iGreen Kids v2.7 c04
iGreen Eyewear like you've never seen before.

-iGreen only weighs 5 grams, it feels like you are wearing nothing

-incredibly flexible and perfect memory shape

-durable and light, all in one package

-no more headaches or the feel of weight on your face

-customizable temple colors for each personality

To add additional iGreen Temple colors to your order, please add them to your cart under the “iGreen Temples” page.

To add RX to your lenses including: AR coating, Transitions, Hi-Index, Polycarbonate lenses, and other options.  Please call our office for a price quote before ordering as we will need to verify a valid RX by our Optical Staff.

SIZE: 43  15  130

iGreen Kids v2.7 c04



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