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Eye Believe we can do things different.

We are trying something different in the Optometry world here at The Eye Site. The doctors at The Eye Site never thought that by moving down to SW Virginia these opportunities would become a reality. Today begins that journey....

Let us start where it all began. Drs. Julie Brown and Shannon Zollinger, both graduates of The Ohio State University College of Optometry, moved down to SW Virginia in early 2013. Not long after they purchased The Eye Site of Collinsville, VA and began their journey of small business ownership, entrepreneurship, infrequent days off work, and lost sleep, they met and partnered with Black Dog Salvage to help realize their dreams of a different Optical setting.

If you have never heard of Black Dog Salvage, they are a salvage company based out of Roanoke, VA that have there on reality show on DIY/HGTV. Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp are as genuine off-screen as they are on-screen--a truly refreshing realization in world that is not always so black and white.

Part of our vision for the future begins in our Optical, the "hub" of where our glasses are crafted and displayed to provide our patients with the best in vision care technology. Today we begin filming and planning with Black Dog Salvage regarding how to transform our Optical vision into a reality.

Here we go...Big Girl boots on today...

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