Corporate Safety Program


Prescrption Safety Glasses

Safety Eyewear to protect you on the job.


There are enough things to deal with at work and protecting your eyes shouldn’t be one of them. The Eye Site carries a range of safety glasses equipped with the strongest impact-resistant lenses** and protective side shields available.


That's just the way we do business so you can do yours, safely.**


**No lenses are unbreakable or shatterproof


Fill out an information request form to learn how The Eye Site can customize a program to meet your company’s needs.  Please print out and fax or email the completed form to The Eye Site.  Fax: 276-647-4279; email:

                                     We offer discounts in addition to employees' insurance.


Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


By Appointment Only.


4244 Virginia Ave.

Collinsville, VA 24078




  Fax: 276-647-4279



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