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Make The Eye Site your source for contact lens expertise. We carry many of the most popular brands of contacts that can enhance your vision, comfort, and wear time, including: Air Optix, TruEyes, Focus Night and Day, Acuvue, Proclear, Freshlook, and many more.​​


Our doctors pride themselves on their contact lens experience and believe that there is a contact lens for just about any eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I wear contact lenses?


Yes, most likely. More than 8 out of 10 people who wear glasses can also normally wear contact lenses.​


What about putting something in my eye?--that seems scary...


It is natural to have hesitation about putting in contact lenses. We spend our whole lives protecting our eyes and keeping things out of them--it is expected to have a concern about putting something in your eye. ​


The doctors and staff at The Eye Site will teach you how to handle your contact lenses in a safe and comfortable manner. We will teach you how to insert, remove, clean, and store the lenses safely and comfortably.​


There are so many different lenses available, which lens is right for me?


There are many options when it comes to contact lenses. The most commonly prescribed are soft-disposable contact lenses.


We will help you determine what is best by balancing comfort, health of the eye, vision quality, and cost. ​


The most common soft contact lenses range from daily disposables to monthly disposables.


Do you have an Astigmatism? Bifocals? Dry eye? Allergies? We can still find a contact lens for you!

Sounds good, but how much do contact lenses cost?​


The Eye Site provides a wide range of contact lenses and contact lens services. Prices for contact lenses and related services (fitting/training/follow ups) can vary depending on the type of contact lenses the patient needs and any applicable vision insurance you may have. ​


Why buy my contacts from The Eye Site and not online?


There is a 2-4 week trial period to make sure the lenses we choose together are the best option for your needs. We have a large selection of contact lenses providing you with a healthy alternative to wearing glasses. We will help you select contacts that are right for your eyes.


We offer competitive prices with quick delivery. After the trial period, you can purchase your lenses. If you purchase your contacts with us, we will provide replacement or extra lenses if you need them.


Any issues or discrepancies in your order is handled efficiently and promptly within our office--not through a large online retailer, which can cause delays and headaches.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you try contacts. We will train you to wear and care for your lenses, making sure you see well and are comfortable. There is a 2-4 week trial period. We have a great selection of contact lenses providing you with a healthy alternative to wearing glasses.